Diane Marseglia, headshotHaving an impact in Government, as a minority elected official, is difficult. It takes skill to build respect with colleagues across the aisle and tenacity to find common ground with them. The minority role requires one to be prepared every day with positions backed in data, knowledge and logic. Serving in this role means we must not only know how and when to compromise, but also know when we need to stand firm and resolute. Kathi’s ability to do all of this has made her an extraordinarily effective County Commissioner who delivers for Democrats in her County, despite serving in the minority. These skills will also serve her well in Harrisburg as she helps Governor Wolf navigate the legislature to deliver for Pennsylvanians.

-Diane Marseglia, Bucks County Commissioner

Kevin Barnhardt, headshotKathi Cozzone — My choice for Lieutenant Governor. I’ve known Kathi for nearly ten years and have found her to be a true champion for everyone. Her leadership as a Chester County Commissioner has shown her depth of knowledge of the challenges we face as counties and the state’s impact on our budgets, our programs and our taxpayers. Kathi’s community appeal points to her qualities as a real “woman of the people” and NOT a disconnected public official. Governor Wolf needs a partner like Kathi on the ticket next fall, and Pennsylvania needs Kathi’s vision and passion to improve services for everyone, not a select few.

-Kevin Barnhardt, Berks County Commissioner

Kevin Boozel, headshotIn Kathi Cozzone, our Party has the opportunity to put forth a special candidate whose experience, personal story and record of accomplishments will resonate across the Commonwealth. From all the way in Steelers Country, I can see that Kathi Cozzone has an appeal that goes far beyond her own County. Her fellow Commissioners have seen her work on reforming our jails to divert the mentally ill to get the treatment they need. We have heard of her initiatives to spur job growth in her County after the great recession. We elected her to a leadership role in our bipartisan organization because we respect her knowledge and work ethic. She may be from Eagles territory, but as voters in my and all areas of the state get to know Kathi, they will like what they see: a remarkable public servant who will fight for us every day as Lieutenant Governor.

-Kevin Boozel, Butler County Commissioner

Ed Bustin, headshotI am proud to endorse Chester County Commissioner Kathi Cozzone’s bid for Lieutenant Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It has been my privilege to have known and worked alongside Commissioner Cozzone on several projects under the auspices of the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania (CCAP).

As colleagues over the past 3 years, I have found Kathi to be a true leader and someone who knows how to solve complex problems by engaging others without regard to politics or affiliations, and through hard work. As a member of CCAP’s Comprehensive Behavior Health Task Force, Kathi utilized her experience to help lead in the development of a blueprint for counties across the nation to address issues related to county jail populations with increasing numbers of pre-trial offenders and inmates who suffer from mental illness.

I have found Kathi to be passionate in her work as a Commissioner and I am confident that she will bring that passion to Harrisburg as our Lieutenant Governor. I am equally certain she will not be a silent partner in State governance, but a fully engaged advocate for the people she serves. I wholeheartedly offer my support to Kathi Cozzone as Candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania.

-Ed Bustin, Bradford County Commissioner

Carolyn ComittaWhen I was mayor of West Chester, I learned that Kathi works very closely with all of us at the local level to make sure that we have a strong economy, that people are safe and that all of the county’s services are delivered effectively. I also learned that Kathi is committed to bipartisan collaboration. If you have a good idea and you want to move it forward, it doesn’t matter if it’s a Democratic or Republican idea: elected officials should work together to improve people’s lives. Kathi has been all about working together, such as on criminal justice reform where she worked to promote the WRAP Program which is helping women who have been incarcerated become productive members of our community again. I’m happy to be working with her in the legislature on implementing the recommendations of the Governor’s Pipeline Infrastructure Task Force, which Kathi served on last year to improve public safety. I’m so happy that Kathi has decided to take her efforts to the next level. I’m very proud of Kathi and I am honored to endorse her.

-State Representative Carolyn Comitta

Pam Tokar-Ickes, headshotCommissioners in other counties have taken notice of the impressive record of Commissioner Cozzone. Chester County is renowned for its award-winning strategic plan, which was among the first of its kind in County Government when Kathi spearheaded it during her first term. In so many areas since then, Kathi has set an example for County Commissioners and all elected officials with her tenacity, her attention to detail and her ability to focus on making real impacts in people’s lives. I am proud to have called her a colleague, and hope one day soon to call her Lt. Governor.

-Pam Tokar-Ickes, fmr. Somerset County Commissioner

Jeff Eggleston, Warren County Commissioner

Kathi Cozzone is an impressive public servant who has become a role model for new County Commissioners of both parties. Her business background and her command of complex public policy, especially fiscal issues, will make her an excellent advocate in Harrisburg for responsibility and sustainability—two values that are seemingly absent from our current budget process. Perspectives like Kathi's are exactly what we need to clean up the mess in Harrisburg. From one corner of Pennsylvania to the other, I am happy to offer my endorsement to Commissioner Cozzone, for Lt. Governor.

-Jeff Eggleston, Warren County Commissioner

Harlan Shober, Washington County Commissioner

Kathi Cozzone understands how government can work for its citizens. As Commissioners, we see firsthand how decisions made in Harrisburg affect our counties' ability to improve the lives of our constituents in need and improve the quality of life for all. If Kathi is elected Lt. Governor, she will bring that deep understanding to a state government that is often badly out of touch with the work done by county and local governments. Voters in PA will be well-served to elect her, and legislators in Harrisburg would be wise to listen to her input when she gets there. That's why I'm endorsing Kathi Cozzone for Lt. Governor.

-Harlan Shober, Washington County Commissioner

Suzanne Fretz McCool, fmr. Monroe County Commissioner

From the first time I met Kathi Cozzone, I knew she had a unique voice to bring to public service. She has spent 10 years giving voice to the needs of her constituents in Chester County, advocating for compassion and effectiveness in County programs. I am endorsing her campaign for Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania because Harrisburg needs a voice like Kathi's. In our dysfunctional state government, we need more voices that understand how to make government work for the people, more voices that advocate for fiscal sanity, more voices that can cut through the din of political rhetoric…and a few more voices of women wouldn't hurt either. Kathi Cozzone is the right choice for Lt. Governor.

-Suzanne Fretz McCool, fmr. Monroe County Commissioner

John Galloway, State Representative

Harrisburg has become hyper-partisan. In the suburban areas that Kathi and I represent, we must always bring Democrats and Republicans together to get things done. That kind of governing gets better results because all sensible viewpoints are heard and considered. We need Kathi Cozzone to bring her skill at bi-partisan deal making to help fix our State political apparatus, which has shown an inability to even perform its most basic functions—like passing a responsible budget on time. I can't wait to get Kathi to Harrisburg, so she can join our fight to set our state on the right path. That's why I'm endorsing her campaign for Lt. Governor.

-John Galloway, State Representative